Frequently Asked Question

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Do you carry over negative balances from previous months?

Answer: does not carry over negative balances from previous months. There is a "high roller" policy that benches a player who wins high amounts. Please check the terms and conditions for details on the "high roller" policy. This means that yoru affiliate commissions will never be negative!

How much do I make for referring players to your live casinos?

Answer: offers up to 2 tiers of commissions for the revenue of each player on a per month basis. This revenue is defined as the net loss of each player during that month. We offer the following Net Revenue Percentage Compensation:

  • First Tier 30% Up to an unlimited amount
  • Second Tier 5% of sub affiliate revenue

What are the available payment methods?

Answer: Brands that use the software vary in the payment methods they offer/ These include:

  • Check
  • Wire transfers
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • PayPal
  • Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies

When do I receive my payment?

Answer: The payments are sent out before the 8th of each month. MoneyBookers and Neteller payments are usually sent the first business day of each month.

How do you track my users?

Answer: Once your affiliate link is clicked it is forwarded to the casino. A cookie is immediately written on the players computer browsers cache. When the player signs up, the casino records the players affiliate referral as well as checks for any cookies. The cookies are valid for 90 days. Even if the player does not sign up immediately you still get credit for that player until the cookie expires. We strive to send the demo players fun promotions and bonuses to encourage them to sign up and play. Once a player has signed up for a player account you will receive revenue from that player for ever!

How do you track the players that sign up?

Answer: Once the link is clicked, the link is redirected through the income access tracking system and then to the casino. This click is immediately visible in your stats. Once the click is redirected to the casino web site a cookie is then recorded on to the users browser. When the player signs up, the casino then reports the sign up as well as player activity to the Income Access database. This is an automated process, and the strictest security and ethics is practiced to ensure that our affiliates get full credit for each and every player for life!

Do I still get credit is the user uses or installs the casino software on another computer?

Answer: Since there is no installation, you will not lose the player referral if the player uses another computer. If a player has already signed up then they are your player for life. All players must log on to the main site in order to play regardless of what computer they are using. However, in order to get credit for referring the player, the user must sign up with in 90 days of clicking on the affiliate link.