About Bogap Affiliate Program

The live casino gaming niche has seen explosive growth for Gaming Affiliates

Since November 2008, Bogap.com fills the need for a specialized affiliate program dedicated mainly to live casinos. Due to the increased bandwidths and customer response to a media rich environment more quality online casinos that feature live casino games are becoming more popular.

Betbit Bitcoin Casino

November 2016

Bogap.com signs deal with the operators of one of the first live dealer bitcoin casinos. The novelty of cryptocurrencies and live dealer casinos have merged. Selected affiliates can earn affiliate revenue with bitcoin casinos.

BetRealm Casino

November 2014

Bogap.com signs affiliate management deal with the operators of BetRealm.com . The launch of BetRealm affiliate program brings in a fresh live casino expereience with a variety of live dealer games.

Fairway Casino

March 2012

Bogap.com signs contract with Fairway Casino. Fairway Casino offers an extended portfolio of live dealer games. Affiliate program leverages existing affiliates who have the oportunity to expand breadth of brands offered.

Bogap Proprietary Software

February 2012

Bogap.com Deploys proprietary software for affiliate management and tracking. All affiliate tracking is performed with proprietary software operated by Bogap.

1Live Casino

January 2012

Bogap.com signs contract with 1Live Casino. A strategic partnership with 1LiveCasino.com is formed. Bogap.com manages the affiliate program for 1Live Casino.

GPWA Sponsorship

February 2011

Bogap.com continues sponsorship with GPWA organization. The sponsorship level has been downgraded to "silver sponsored" affiliates. The decision to downgrade was based on a value analysis and not based on our perception of the worth of participating in the GPWA forums. Live Gaming Media Inc. Has discontinued annual sponsoship Feb, 2014.

Celtic Casino

September 2009

Bogap.com signs deal with CelticCasino.com to manage their affiliate program. Celtic Casino offers studio based live casino games based on the Visionary gaming software platform. CelticCasino combined with LuckyLiveCasino offers the widest range in live gaming under one affiliate program. The affiliate program for Celtic Casino utilized the same affiliate tracking software by Income Access.

Affiliate Guard Dog

February 2009

Bogap.com is accredited as a certified affiliate program at Affiliate Guard Dog. This means that Bogap terms and conditions are not considered predatory. The terms and conditions of Bogap meet the strict requirements of the Affiliate Guard Dog. Affiliate Guard Dog monitors affiliate programs on a continual basis to provide affiliates with immediate feedback on changes in the terms and conditions of each

Income Access

Novemebr 2008

Bogap.com signs deal with Income Access to use their software platform to handle affiliate tracking.

Lucky Live Casino

September 2008

Bogap.com signs deal with LuckyLiveCasino.com to manage their affiliate program.