Celtic Casino’s Live Dealer Olympians Tournament!

Celtic Casino has publicly announced the release of the all new Live Dealer Olympians Tournament, a sequel of their Live Game of Thrones tournament which became a major hit leading to the idea of launching a new competition.

The Live Dealer Olympians Tournament is an annual event designed to gather the toughest adversaries of live gaming worldwide and ignite an online battle for a spot within the top 25 rankings entitled to a cash prize. All cash prizes are free from wagering requirements, this means the funds can be withdrawn right away if desired.

The tournament is four months long and dedicates each month to one live dealer game or free style mode on all live games during the first and last month. For those participating, a cash prize of €2500 per month will be given to the 1st place winner, €1000 to 2nd place, €200 for 3rd to 10th place, €100 for 11th to 15th place and €50 for 16th to 25th place. All winners are announced on the website with a permanent post for the 2016 season.


The tournament schedule is as follows:

June 1st through June 30th: All Live Games Winner

July 1st through July 31st: Live Blackjack Winner

August 1st through August 31st: Live Roulette Winner

September 1st through September 30th: All Live Games Winner


Participants receive daily leader board results during the length of the event. Tournament points are acquired by limiting all wagering activities to the specified live dealer games for each month in real money mode only. The total amount in wagers will determine the amount of points earned. This means for every euro/pound wagered a point is earned. So, a 100 euro/pound bet would give a player 100 points in return regardless if the bet is a win or loss.

Celtic Casino has gained a solid fan base on tournament activities these past few years which means the expectation of success to come on behalf of the Live Dealer Olympians Tournament is immense. On the previous tournament cash prizes were given to the top 15 rankings. Now, it’s the top 25 rankings which earn a cash prize meaning players have even better odds to win. So, the battle to come is most definitely one to never forget.