White Label Bitcoin Casino and Sportsbook

Bitcoin Casino and Sportsbook
  • Fully featured bitcoin Casino and Sportsbook
  • 100% in your Control.
  • Fully Customized Design
  • Multiple software providers to choose from with thousands of games.
  • Highly Profitable.
  • Accept All crypto-currencies and Fiat.
  • Your Domain, your Customer Service.
  • Free Updates
  • Low Set up Fee

What is a white-label bitcoin casino and sportsbook?

A white label casino or sportsbook is an easy way for you to start a casino or sportsbook. It's a service that provides the underlining technology to allow you to open your own bitcoin casino or sportsbook quickly, without you having to start from the ground up. If you already do not know what a white label casino is, then you are probably not in a position to take advantage of our services. Just swipe right and keep going.

What do I have to do once I start the white label casino?

Here is a summary of the higher level things you need to do or are responsible for:

  • Point your domain or subdomain to our servers.
  • Give us the design you would like to have.
  • You market your casino site. Have a discussion with us on what we think is a good place to start.
  • You build your player base.
  • You answer all customer service emails and maintain your players.
  • You pay us a negotiable commission of the profit you make. (Win-win scenario)

What is Bogap.com responsible for?

Here is what we are responsible for:

  • We host your site.
  • We take your design and integrate into your casino.
  • Maintain your site.
  • Continual support and upgrades.

If I don't like the games, can I add more or different ones?

Yes, you can add almost any provider you would like to add to your casino. There will be no additional integration fees if we already have their software integrated. Also, the software providers do have rules on which countries you can market to. These vary from software to software.

How much control do I have?

You have 100% percent control. It is your casino and you are the one who is the captain. In the very unlikely event you are unhappy with us, you can always redirect your casino domain elsewhere at any time.

Can I leave your software and keep my business if I decide?

Of course you can. If you are not satisfied, then you simply point your casino domain elsewhere. This has not happenned yet, and is unlikely to occur. We do not have control over your players or database. We can also help you migrate to another provider if necessary.

Why bitcoin?

We love bitcoin, that's why. We have seen that bitcoin casino makes it possible for smaller brands to compete on a global level. The cashier costs have drastically reduced making it viable for many smaller business to make money in a saturated environment.